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Mobile Self Storage NW5

nw1 container storage kentish town
At Kentish Town mobile self storage, we are utilising the newest way to store your goods. Previously, you would have to drive back and forth with your belongings to store and collect them, but with NW1 mobile storage, the storage unit comes to you. Our mobile self storage containers come in a variety of sizes with many features and they can be delivered directly to your address. This means you do the packing to your home or business, reducing the amount of work necessary and then we will transport everything back to our NW5 storage facility. This reduces the work you need to do while giving you the same superior storage services.

Self Storage NW5

kentish town storage on site nw1
Having a safe spot to place items can allow you to create more room, keep items secure, reduce clutter, make a removal simpler and much more. If you need help with any of this then contact our Kentish Town self storage team today. At our NW1 storage facility, we have hundreds of self storage units for you to choose from so you can find the one fit for your purposes. We will keep careful watch over you unit so it and its contents will be safe. You can freely access your storage room whenever you need and use it as you like.
To learn more about our NW5 storage services, call us up today.

Home Storage NW5

kentish town storage service nw5
Having access to your own NW1 mobile storage unit can make your life much simpler, so contact us today for Kentish Town home storage. We have many units to choose from at our storage facility and can deliver them directly to you so you can pack and use them at your abode. When full, we will take it back to our secure storage depot and keep it safe. Our NW5 domestic storage is flexible and affordable, so you can get what you need at a great price. To learn how our services can help you create more space, make a move simpler and more call us now.

Business Storage NW5

nw5 commercial storage kentish town
A firm can befit greatly from having a safe spot to place unused or old furniture, equipment, stationery, products and more until they are needed, so call our Kentish Town business storage team today. We can provide a mobile self storage unit that you can utilise and pack to your liking. We will deliver it to your building and once full, we will transport it to our NW1 storage facilities to keep it safe. You can request we bring the unit back to you whenever you need it, so you will never be without. Our NW5 office storage is an affordable storage service, so call today to discover more.

Student Storage NW5

kentish town self storage unit nw1
If you are a student living in accommodation, then you will struggle for space. If you want more room then contact our Kentish Town student storage firm today. We can provide you with a secure self storage unit that you can use and visit as you like, so you can get items out of the way but access them when necessary. Our NW1 storage facility has dozens of units for you to choose from, so you can find the one right for you. Our NW5 storage services are flexible and will include all that you need. Our self storage prices are affordable, so you can get an affordable deal within your budget when you call today.

Secure Storage NW5

kentish town storage pods nw1
You only want access to self storage units that will keep your belongings safe, clean and dry, so contact our Kentish Town secure storage firm for just that. We have many units to choose from and all of them come with any additional features you need to keep your goods safe. Our NW1 storage rooms are well built so they will resist leaks, rain, ice, snow, wind, cold and heat, and much more. Only you will even be able to access your storage space because only you will have the key. We also have guards patrolling the premises, cameras and high fences installed and more, to deter criminals. To hear more of our NW5 storage services, call us today.

Self Storage Units NW5

kentish town storage room nw5
If you are looking for Kentish Town self storage units you may be looking or something every specific. A generic storage unit may not be enough and if this is the case, then contact us. Our NW1 storage service allows you to choose from our many NW5 storage rooms so you are bound to get what you desire. Our units are spacious and secure, and can have various additional features if need be. These can include electricity, heating, air conditioning, ramps, windows, shelving and much more. Our quotes will ensure that the storage services you need are affordable and will guarantee the perfect deal, so call today to find out more.

Self Storage Rooms NW5

kentish town storage needs nw5
Kentish Town self storage rooms can come in various sizes and with various features, so to find the one right for you, call us today. At our NW1 storage facility, we can provide a self storage unit that has space, features and security. You can hire this NW5 storage room for as long as you need, visit it whenever you like and use it for whatever purpose. This means you can always access goods and drop off more. We guarantee to keep thing safe so you can rest easy knowing your goods won’t be damaged or stolen. Our self storage prices are affordable thanks to the gratis quotes we offer and they will assure a perfect service, so call now.

Self Storage Prices NW5

nw1 storage unit kentish town
Hiring a Kentish Town secure storage unit can be expensive but we can assure you of excellent self storage prices. At our NW1 storage facility, we have many storage rooms for you to choose from and you can use them to your liking. You can hire our self storage units indefinitely and request extras such as lighting, heating, etc. This may sound expensive but we guarantee a good deal with our free quotes. These will only reflect the NW5 storage services you use, so you don’t have to pay unnecessary extras. These assessments require no obligation, so you can go through several until you get the perfect deal.

Сlients Say

Jack Shaw


Now that I lived away from home for uni, I had to become more independent. This was tough in some cases but not when I needed storage. I desperately wanted a unit to put things in and I expected it to be complicated. I turned to Storage Rental Kentish Town though and they made things simple. I had no problem filling out the forms, booking what I wanted and paying for the unit. They gave me what I required and made it as stress free as possible.

Pamela Jacobs


Storage Rental Kentish Town have really outshone other storage services I have used in the past. Initially, I was taken to a unit to see if it would suit my requirements, and when I established that it did, I arranged to have this delivered to my property. Then, once loaded, it was returned to the yard where it remains safe and secure. A very reliable, professional and affordable service - thank you!

Catherine Mann


Storage Units Kentish Town solved my storage problem and at a lot cheaper cost that buying a bigger property. The lovely office staff arranged a storage room in a size to suit my needs. It was clean and dry and just perfect for my surplus garden furniture and the children's toys. I rent long term and the rates are cheap. Plus, the security systems are amazing!

Mandy Bennett


When I finished at university, I wanted somewhere to store all my text books until I was ready to sell them. After all, they'd cost me a fortune and there seemed little point selling them at the same time of year my fellow graduates were doing the same! I called Storage Rental Kentish Town and got a quote to put my books into a secure storage unit for 6 months when I decided the time would be ripe to make some profit. I was right and made quite a healthy addition to my ailing bank account! That's really down to the storage service being such great value. It was the best investment I've ever made!

Susan Clairson


At first, I thought that there must be something wrong about StorageKentishTown‘s services. They seemed too cheap and I thought that the storage space they offered are humid and dirty - but I was SO WRONG! Everything's perfect about this company, really and I am more than happy I saved myself some money with their help!

Jen George


I was thrilled with the storage I hired from StorageKentishTown to store some of my surplus home furnishings and garden furniture when the winter arrives. I rent long term so I always have some extra space. This is a great solution to moving to a more expensive and larger home. The storage is great, and located in a safe environment. The rent is so cheap it is amazing. I would suggest if you have clutter to use this company now.

Jeff Patton


I needed some extra space for my business stock so opted to hire storage space from StorageKentishTown. I had used the company before and was pleased with the service. The self storage is excellent and safe. The rental rates are fair and the location is secure with all of the latest gadgets and cameras constantly monitoring the area. I have a key to enter when I want which is great. Thank you so much.

Gerard Sims


That was really great. Just hired StorageKentishTown to help with some of the storage while we were moving home and it really made everything a lot easier. We've done this before and whenever we move, it just seems sensible to put some of the items somewhere safe while we do all of the difficult work. These are the company I'd recommend if you were looking to do something similar.

Jermaine Howard


I wanted some room for my business stock, but couldn't afford to move to a bigger workplace. I opted to rent storage as I had heard it was good value. I used a local storage company called StorageKentishTown, who provided a great storage room to suit my needs. I rent the space indefinitely as it is more cost effective then moving premises. My stock is in a safe location with high tech electronic security systems monitoring the facility at all times.

Alex Mills


At first I was feeling sceptical about using a storage company, convinced that they all charged ridiculous rates and promised security that wouldn't be up to standard. Although StorageKentishTown was recommended to be by a friend, I was still feeling doubtful until I actually made the decision to get in touch with them. From my first conversation with their friendly representatives, my mind was put at ease and I was confident that I was dealing with a highly efficient and professional storage company.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage Kentish Town Ltd.
Telephone: 020 3318 2972
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 70 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town
Postal code: NW5 1PA
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.5540510 Longitude: -0.1441500
E-mail: office@storagekentishtown.org.uk
Description: You need an extra storage space? Call us now and choose the right storage service NW5 for you we offer NW1 storage trailers, storage pods and even portable storage facilities in Kentish Town, Camden Town, Dartmouth Park, Chalk Farm, Tufnell Park, etc.
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